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Events & Conservation Classroom

Choose Eron's Event Barn, LLC to celebrate your special milestone or event. Most weekends are filled with weddings, but we have openings for other events during the week or on weekends that are not booked by a wedding. We will work with you on details and pricing for your event. Contact us for pricing or click here for availability.

Conservation Classroom:
Many people are surprised to hear that we are a working farm in addition to hosting weddings.

John is part of Farmers of Mill Creek Watershed Council. Through this group, we host school tours for the Conservation Classroom. Students learn about conservation practices used in agriculture to benefit the whole watershed. These events are presented by a variety of farmers and conservation experts through Portage County, Wood County and the University of Wisconsin Extension.

2019 YE Field Day with John Eron
John Eron showing children how to farm

Programs can be adapted to cover a variety of conservation and agricultural topics including:

  • Pollinators/Prairies

  • Healthy Productive Soils

  • Cover Crops Demonstrations

  • Native Plant Benefits

  • Groundwater/Watersheds

  • Habitats/Ecosystems

  • Best Management Practices

Conservation education enables people to help uderstand how natural resources and ecosystems are connected and how resources can be used wisely. These programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a class, organization, or group.


The hands-on education experiences and activities are specifically designed for variety ages and populations.  Students from grades PreK-12 grade along with adults are welcome for education sessions. Various Group sizes can be accommodated.

This video explains more about our program.

To download the brochure click here.

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