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A heated and air conditioned barn.... WHAT??!!

We are very proud to say that we are the only barn in central Wisconsin that offers both heat and air conditioning. How did that come to be? Well, it was quite the adventure! When we started hosting weddings a few years ago we did not have that luxury. Our first wedding on April 30, 2016 (Happy Anniversary Rob and Tina) was very cold. Although the barn was enclosed, body heat could only provide so much warmth. We wanted to use some patio heaters but our fire codes do not allow open flames inside our structure and the fumes from those heaters are a health concern. Then we hit our summer season and it was HOT! Even with two large ventilation fans in the eaves and nine 30 inch pedestal fans it wasn't comfortable till later in the evening. We looked into "swamp coolers" but those do not perform in high humidity. So we purchased four commercial air conditioners which equates to about ten times the capacity of an average house with central air. Andy and Mackenzie's wedding on September 23, 2017 had over 90 degree heat and was the first time we tried out our air conditioners. What a difference it made. With the combination of the cool air and an Irish band, guests danced the night away.

Out of 21 weddings we had May - October 2018, we only had one weekend (September 8) where the weather was ideal that our renters did not request heating or air conditioning. We only used an oscillating pedestal fan for those on the dance floor . For Jason and Ashley's wedding on June 30 the weather was hot and humid. Although Ashley had her heart set on her ceremony being outside, she chose to move it inside our barn for the air conditioning. We had the opposite weather for Lana and Brett's October wedding where the temps were just too cold ( snowed early morning) to comfortably have their ceremony outside. Everyone was cozy inside the barn for the ceremony, reception and dance.

You would be amazed at how many guests come to thank us for having this amenity! We are able to have weddings and events year round and are grateful to be able to do it in a comfortable temperature.

In future posts we will be highlighting some of the unique amenities Eron's Event Barn, LLC offers. Stay tuned!

Photo Credit: Ann Ilagan Photography

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