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Our Bathrooms

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Really .... we are writing about our bathrooms???!! Oddly enough we have actually gotten a few weddings booked based on the bathrooms. It might seem strange, but when we are giving a prospective couple a tour, we always walk them through our bathrooms. People often think "why do we care so much about your bathrooms"? If you have ever been to a place that you were uncomfortable to go to the bathroom because it was dirty or very small? -- we've all been there.

Backstory: After going through our first year of weddings with providing porta-potties, we quickly realized that we needed to have actual indoor restrooms. We wanted them on the upper level where the festivities are, and full equipped with multiple stalls, handicap accessible and baby changing stations (we had two children in diapers at the time so that was a definite must). It turned out to be quite the process to get these lovely bathrooms built. The location where we wanted them actually had a stave silo standing, so the first step was to knock it down.

Once the silo was cleaned up, we hired John's cousin Dennis, owner of Eron Construction, to build the two levels of the addition. We knew that we wanted to oversize the stalls to offer additional space. It never failed anytime we went somewhere, John always made me go into the women's restroom to check out the size of the stalls and set-up. It was quite the adventure and I always joked that he should just sneak in there and check it out himself. John was not able to find any stall layout that fit to what he wanted. He decided to build all the stalls at the farm shop with the help of his late uncle, Henry, and we found a wood grain look of tile for the flooring. It is so nice to be able to offer exceptional bathroom space, especially for parents with small children and brides with their big dresses. Both men's and women's bathrooms are independently heated and air conditioning. John says "the guys always have it ice cold in their bathroom". John also updated the bathrooms with water saving valves.

Most of our brides choose to have their hair and make up done right here at the barn as it it open on Saturday already at 8am. Between the Bridal Suite and bathrooms there are plenty of mirrors, outlets and counter space to get ready for the day.

Although it was quite the process, we are happy to be able to offer this amenity to our guests for years to come.

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