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2022 - A Year of Unique Weddings

When couples tour, we often tell stories of how we've yet to see two weddings alike. Each couple brings their own uniqueness - personalities, decor or themes. 2022 proved that point again.

January began with lots of inquiries, tours and booking -- got to love engagement season! The winter months were spent preparing for the year with some remodeling and new construction in the lower level of the barn and lots of communication with our current couples.

In February we had the New Dueling Pianos out for a night of entertainment and a fundraiser for the Farmers of Millcreek Watershed Youth Education Programs. The show was sold out and attendees had a great time singing along to all the songs. We are very excited to have them back again this year as another fundraiser to benefit the Humane Society of Portage County on April 1. For more information on the show or to purchase tickets click here.

Beer in the Barn was held here in March as a fundraiser for The Never Forgotten Honor Flight.

April began our wedding season with two indoor ceremonies and one reception. Aeryn & Joseph had small ceremony and reception of 75 guests.

Allison and Jon brought their dog Bella to be a part of the ceremony and a few photos.

Emma and Zach provided chocolate dipped strawberries as one of their dessert options.

May brought warmer temperatures and green grass. We hosted prom for a high school along with weddings. John even got me a corsage to attend the prom!

Alyssa & Steffan decorated with Disney themed centerpieces and a had polka band for their dance. Steffan even played a couple songs with the band.

Tyla & Her had a map for their guests to sign as a guest book. They created program fans for the ceremony.

Hope and Garet dazzled guests with a pizza buffet and salad bar for their meal. They also offered his and hers favorite candy for guests to enjoy.

John finished planting our crops (corn and soybeans) in June and I learned to transition to the kids summer vacation while also staying on top of my normal workload. All of our weddings were able to have their ceremonies outside and guests enjoyed the landscapes. Oliva & Jordan let guests highlight their favorite bible verse as their guest book. They also set up children's activities for the little guests.

Samantha & Matt provided succulents for their guests to take home as a keepsake of their big day.

Instead of the normal glass clinking to get Lindsey & Randy to kiss, they collected money which they then donated to the Boys and Girls Club and Humane Society. They gave maple syrup to their guests and asked to use one of John's fathers tractors for photos.

The bridal party for Katelyn and Dalton's wedding surprised guests by arriving to the ceremony in a car convoy.

The weather was more difficult for a couple of our July weddings. With a few sprinkles, the couples chose to still get married outside and took photos when the weather cleared. Emily and Dylan provided a trail mix bar as their appetizer. The guests enjoyed selecting their own ingredients for their snack.

Ashley and Andrew provided home-brewed wine that Andrew made. The guests raved about the different flavors.

Alisha and Daniel created a fishing theme for their wedding -- complete with goldfish centerpieces. They also offered donuts for their dessert instead of cake.

Viking was the theme for Tori & Sawyer's wedding. Despite the sprinkles, they were still able to get some stunning photos outside.

Shelby and Justin went with a sweetheart table instead of the traditional bridal party at the head table. The weather was gorgeous for the ceremony and along with a magnificent sunset at night. They used our 1928 Chevy as a photo backdrop on top of the ceremony hill.

August was warm, as it most often is, but guests were able to cool down in the air-conditioned barn. Katrina and Dylan provided sunglasses to their guests for the outside ceremony.

Kayla and Andrew had this unique cake made to showcase Kayla being a firefighter and Andrew's love of Badger sports. Guests were able to choose from the many flavors of cupcakes for dessert.

Bethany and Leo performed a branding at their ceremony. They used our old truck and a couple of John's tractors for photos and chose to have a local band for their dance.

Guests were able to watch the grasses and leaves slowly transition to fall in September. The kids headed back to school and I got back a bit of my sanity. John began his custom harvesting season of chopping corn for other farmers. He was able to still make it to most weddings or we had extra employees on hand to help for the weddings. Emily and Luke chose to have cookies for their dessert. Emily created this newsletter for their guests to read.

Caleigh and Jacob provided mints to their guests and had made to order pasta as one of their dinner options.

Emily and Paul their guests find a word that best describes the couple or their relationship to them. The Spicy Tie Band had guests dancing all night long with their upbeat music.

Cathlynn and Caleb chose to have margaritas as one of their drink choices.

October was a five weekend month and a couple of the weekends were either cold, windy or rainy, leading some of the originally planned outdoor ceremonies to be held inside. Jessie and Austin's big day was beautiful and sunny. They hired King Cone Ice Cream for their desserts. Guests got to choose from many different flavors.

Shylar looked stunning in her black wedding dress and CJ handsome in his tux. The ceremony got moved inside after a very windy day, but they were still able to go outside to get some beautiful photos with the changing colors in the trees and sunset.

Lacey and Garrett had a kissing menu on each table and a candy buffet for guests to enjoy.

Mid and late October was warm and gorgeous with all the leaves and boho colors. Destiny and Ryan had a beautiful tied cake, complete with lights and a waterfall.

Taylor and Sean gave the bridesmaids matching socks... with Taylor and Sean's heads on them! Taylor's dad brewed beer for the big day and named it after their dog, Betty.

Our November weddings both decided to have indoor ceremonies and one even got a few snowflakes on their big day! Caygan and Carter made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for their unity ceremony. Guests were able to have a drawing done by a caricature artist during the reception. Caygan's brother played in the band for the dance.

Colleen and Brandon chose to have their rehearsal dinner here after practice, which has become very popular. They decorated the lower level of the barn for the evening.

Jackie and Matt rang in the new year as Mr. and Mrs. Their New Year's Eve wedding even included a balloon drop at midnight.

As we look back at these weddings, we are thankful for all the couples and guests we have met and memories that have been made. We are geared up for another great year of weddings!

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