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5 Cool Ideas for a Summer Wedding

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

After a cool and rainy spring, I think we can finally say that summer is here! With that comes lots and lots of weddings. We are often asked by couples planning their wedding what is something that we remember most about the weddings we host.

sunglasses for wedding ceremony
Courtney & David offered these to their guests during their July wedding ceremony.

Besides getting to know the couple personally, we encourage them to think of something that will make their wedding unique. Here are five ideas that we have seen at past summer weddings.

1. Yard games - these games are often set-up on our hill area that connects to the upper level of the barn. This helps entertain your guests during the cocktail hour and while you finish up photos before dinner.

corn hole game outside at wedding
Corn hole games set up outside for guests to enjoy. @atlphotography

If the weather does not cooperate outside, we can set up the games in the lower level of our barn. This gives guests extra space to relax.

corn hole bean bag game
Meggie and Michael set up their corn hole games downstairs for guests to enjoy. @sophiasavagephotography

2. Specialty drinks - his and hers drinks are popular at weddings. In summer, you can think of a refreshing cocktail or choose your favorite. A huge hit at Grace and Devin's August wedding were margaritas. They simply rented a machine in town and brought the margarita mix. Grace also personalized tumblers for each guest as a keepsake.

rented margarita machine for a wedding
Margarita Machine

3. Fireworks - what says summer without some bright lights in the sky!? A short 3-5 minute show works bests so you can view the skies, get some great photos and then get back to dancing. Saving it as a final farewell at the end of the night is another option.

bride and groom with fireworks
Mackenzie & Tyler had a fireworks show at their wedding.

If you decide fireworks are a bit too extravagant, sparklers and glow sticks can have a similar effect. Tip: plan to have the show (fireworks or sparklers) around 9pm. Having it later tends to signal to your guests that the night is done, even though your dance may actually go until later. Also make sure you have your photographer scheduled to stay and get those stunning photos.

bride and groom kissing with sparklers
Miranda & Chris used sparklers at their wedding. @blubirdphotography

4. Ice Cream/Gelato - the coolest summer treat. We have seen ice cream served in a variety of ways at weddings. One couple had a selection of treats inside a small freezer and guests were able to help themselves. Another wedding hired King Cone (Stevens Point) to bring their cooler and serve the guests.

ice cream cooler at wedding
Local company King Cone served ice cream to guests at a wedding. @sophiasavagephotography

An Anniversary Party had delicious brownies topped with a scoop of ice cream. The Fun Factory Sweet Shoppe (Rhinelander) brings a delicious homemade gelato and will serve the guests.

bride and groom by gelato stand
Kari & Josh hired the Fun Factory Sweet Shoppe for their 4th of July wedding.

Rootbeer floats also work with someone scooping the ice cream into a cup and topped with delicious Point Rootbeer. To involve family, a wedding had the parents scooping ice cream and then guests could add toppings. The options are endless!

ice cream stand
The ice cream sundae stand.

5. Picnic themed food - As food trends change, we see some summer weddings having a hog roast along with all the sides (baked beans, potatoes, fruit salad, etc). A few weddings had burgers and brats. Stay tuned for a separate blog about the changing wedding meal trends.

guests going through buffet line at wedding
A picnic style buffet has been a fun option for a summer wedding. @tiannadphotography

Use one or all of these tips to make your wedding one that your guests will be raving about in years to come!

bride and groom outside at sunset
Megan & Christian pose during sunset. @abigailtraverphotography

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