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Peak Season is Here

When many people think of "peak season" it is referring to the beautiful fall colors outside. For us, it means weddings every weekend. We took some time off in July to focus on some projects and family time.

Our landscape in August is absolutely stunning. The lush green crops and sunflowers give any photographer the perfect background. Each of our weddings have such different photos as there are so many options.

bride and groom by sunflowers
Beautiful bride and groom in front of our sunflower field. Photo Credit: Samantha Rose Photography

Since August, we have been busy hosting weddings which will continue through the end of October. Many people ask us, why do so many people book in fall?

Here are our top three reasons: 1. Colors: Brides love the dark color combination. Pair that with the natural colors on the trees and you have stunning pictures.

2. Cooler Temperatures: Many of our brides say they choose fall because they would simply be too hot with a multi-layer dress on. If you have elderly or young children the cooler temperatures are better for them as well.

3. Busy Summer: It seems with vacations, sports and picnics, everyone has their weekends booked. As fall (and school) begins, people to get back to a schedule and are more likely to have more time to attend a wedding.

As I write this article, we are already booked the last two weekends of September and first two weekends of October for 2021. For those of you looking for a fall wedding venue -- shop early as they book fast.

This year will be our first time at having winter weddings. Renters and guests love the fact that they can still be warm and cozy inside our barn in the cold months. Even in the fall (and cooler spring weddings), we run the heat for our guests. We tell our couples to consider guest comfort when looking at venues. The more comfortable the guests are, the longer they will stay and enjoy the wedding.

Here is a great article looking into the topic more:

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