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Pizza at Weddings

Our Tuesday Tip social media posts have been focusing on all things related to food: appetizers, dinner, desserts and late night food. (Check out our Facebook or Instagram pages for those videos.) Along those lines, pizza is always popular at weddings.

Here are the most common times we see pizza during the wedding weekend.

Rehearsal Dinner Food

The majority of our weddings also have their ceremony here. We offer a separate rehearsal dinner space so your bridal party can have a meal right after practice. This will save you stress of having to go to another location and have a late night before the big day. Ordering in pizza can work well as it is easy. Our tip: don't eat on any of the tables you just put nice linens and centerpieces on for the next day -- you don't want anything spilled on them.

Wedding Meal

One of our couples last May ordered many pizzas from a local business and created their own DIY salad bar. They also had broasted chicken delivered. This was a large wedding of 250 guests and all the guests raved about having something "different" from the traditional wedding meal. Our tip: make sure you order plenty so no one is left hungry. Also, don't forget plates, napkins and utensils.

Late Night Food

This seems to be the most popular time we will see pizza. Plan for delivery around 9pm. This is the perfect time as your guests will begin to get hungry again and gets them back out on the dance floor for the rest of the night.

Couples have ordered simple sausage, cheese or pepperoni pizzas. Others have ordered specialty kinds like macaroni and cheese, chicken/bacon/ranch or even steak and fries. All have gone over well. Our tip: pay the bill ahead of time (along with the tip) so you don't have to worry about it on your wedding night.

Pizza Kiln

A past wedding hired a pizza kiln to come out to the barn and cook pizzas onsite in their wood-fired kiln. The couple really wanted a relaxed eating atmosphere for their guests where they could go out on our deck area and grab a slice. If the guests were not fans of pizza, there was also a caterer with sandwiches and sides. The couple even got to create their own specialty pizza.

Our tip: have a backup plan for where the pizza will be served if the weather is not favorable to serve outside. Luckily at this wedding, the weather was beautiful, but we did have a "Plan B" just in case.

No matter the time of year - pizza always seems to be a part of the wedding weekend!

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